Baby Aria

I love my job.  I love that I get to meet amazing women and their amazing families and their amazing babies.  I love getting to be a part of documenting major milestones in the lives of others.  This family is no exception.

I have never in all my life met a first time mama who is so strong and so confident.  I can’t even express how awesome it was to hear the birth story of Baby Aria, how during a hospital nurse strike with seriously patchy care available to her during labor and delivery, this mama trusted her gut instincts, leaned on the support of her partner and family, listened to her body and did what she needed to do to bring her beautiful baby girl safely into this world.

Welcome home, Baby Aria!  You are obviously so loved and so well cared for by your family.  I think you’re gonna like it here!  And you better like the Packers, cause I think you’re not really going to have a choice in this.  😉



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