Babywearing Mini: Abby

It is my great joy to announce that Kaitlin Mackenzie Photography is now offering
Babywearing Mini-Sessions! And what better way to kick off a new kind of session than to highlight a few truly amazing babywearing mamas, their gorgeous slings, wraps, mei tais, and SSC’s– and of course, those beautiful babies!

Each post will feature a few of my favorite photos from a babywearing mini-session as well as a little of each woman’s story, such as how she learned, why she started, her favorite carrier(s), and what she loves most about wearing her little one. It is my hope that this project will not only meet the photographic needs of local mamas who love to wear their babies and want to document this special means of connection with their child, but also to raise awareness of the manifold benefits of babywearing and encourage new mamas to take the plunge! It’s not just for hippies and field workers in third world countries!😉

Meet Abby

I started wearing my son when he was a newborn.  It just felt natural.  I had carried him for nine months in my belly and I wanted to continue the bond that began in the womb.


I taught myself how to wear him from lots of YouTube videos and websites, because no one I knew really wore their babies or used the carrier I wanted.  The first few times were tricky, especially with a newborn, I really wanted to feel like he was secure.  But I got the hang of it pretty quickly.


We started with a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling, which I used constantly at first and now (at 21 months) just around the house when he wants to be held and I have things to get done.  Now that he’s bigger, we use the Ergo for most other things, hiking, walks, etc.


I chose the Sakura Bloom ring sling because of its simplicity.  It seemed the easiest to maneuver, the fabric seems sturdy, and I love the different wearing options it offers!  It’s very versatile.  The Ergo has been wonderful too.  I’ve worn him for hours of hiking and my back has never been sore once!  They are both favorites and I won’t change a thing for the next baby.


My favorite thing about wearing my son is the instant connectedness I feel.  I love that it’s his main calming mechanism.  We all, as humans, have a natural need for physical touch.  I love that I can give my baby a sense of security and allow him to feel included in everything I do.  Instead of shooing him away so I can get my work done, he can hop on my hip and be a part of my everyday routine.  He’s watching and learning all the time!


I would encourage every mama to wear her baby!  The benefits that both baby and mama get from that closeness is life giving.  Our babies are only babies for a short time.  I love showing my son that he is a treasure and that we are a vital part of each other.



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