Babywearing Mini #2: Jolene

It is my great joy to announce that Kaitlin Mackenzie Photography is now offering
Babywearing Mini-Sessions! And what better way to kick off a new kind of session than to highlight a few truly amazing babywearing mamas, their gorgeous slings, wraps, mei tais, and SSC’s– and of course, those beautiful babies!

Each post will feature a few of my favorite photos from a babywearing mini-session as well as a little of each woman’s story, such as how she learned, why she started, her favorite carrier(s), and what she loves most about wearing her little one. It is my hope that this project will not only meet the photographic needs of local mamas who love to wear their babies and want to document this special means of connection with their child, but also to raise awareness of the manifold benefits of babywearing and encourage new mamas to take the plunge! It’s not just for hippies and field workers in third world countries!😉

Meet Jolene


I started wearing for the convenience of being hands free and the comfort that it provides to your little ones. I didn’t initially realize how comforting it is for mom and dad too! With my three oldest, I used a Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap, and Tula. But I’m mainly using ring slings with my little girl right now!

I just recently joined the Babywearing International (BWI) local group, but before that I just researched and learned on my own how to wear my baby. I watched a bunch of videos online!


I absolutely love the closeness and security (physically and emotionally) that babywearing gives for both baby and mom! I feel like I am missing something when I’m not holding or wearing my little girl. And with a crew of 4 in my house, having my hands free definitely helps too!


When encouraging my friends to try babywearing, I usually point out the convenience and I share about the physical and psychological benefits associated with it. For me, babywearing is instinctual. It just feels right!



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