Babywearing Mini #1: Chelsey

It is my great joy to announce that Kaitlin Mackenzie Photography is now offering Babywearing Mini-Sessions! And what better way to kick off a new kind of session than to highlight a few truly amazing babywearing mamas, their gorgeous slings, wraps, mei tais, and SSC’s– and of course, those beautiful babies!

Each post will feature a few of my favorite photos from a babywearing mini-session as well as a little of each woman’s story, such as how she learned, why she started, her favorite carrier(s), and what she loves most about wearing her little one. It is my hope that this project will not only meet the photographic needs of local mamas who love to wear their babies and want to document this special means of connection with their child, but also to raise awareness of the manifold benefits of babywearing and encourage new mamas to take the plunge! It’s not just for hippies and field workers in third world countries! 😉

Meet Chelsey


I was interested in babywearing while pregnant. We bought a Baby K’Tan (which was too small) and two woven wraps, which we still sometimes use for front carries. My husband likes to wear our daughter on his back in the wrap, but I haven’t been able to figure that out yet. Then, we bought a cheap Mei Tai at Target when our daughter was a week old and used it daily. We went to a concert at First Ave when she was only nine days old and our Mei Tai was a life saver!

We upgraded to a Fidella Fly Tai when she was 15 months old and it is truly amazing! I love Mei Tais because they have a built in seat and are so comfortable! They’re quick and easy to use once you get used to the straps. I’m personally not a big fan of buckles, so the Mei Tai has been great for me!


My favorite thing about babywearing is how easy it makes everything!

We do a lot of activities that aren’t stroller friendly– like hiking, concerts, and festivals. It’s so simple to just throw a carrier in the bag and go! We have also been very lucky in that our daughter has always been a great sleeper while being worn which makes things easy while we’re out and about! Now our daughter brings us her babies and asks for us to help her put them “uppy” on her back. Yes, it’s as cute as it sounds!!


My biggest piece of advice to a new mama who is interested in babywearing is to ask for help if you need it, and try lots of different carriers until you find what you love! Many people say that carriers are like jeans, they fit everyone differently and it’s better to try many to find your best fit and style!


I can’t recommend the organization Babywearing International enough! We have an amazing chapter here in the Twin Cities and there are many others in other areas! You can try-on and check out carriers from the lending library, get advice and help with babywearing questions, and meet some awesome people! I’ve met a lot of my close friends through BWI!



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